Eight hundred people got to enjoy our very own Mapleton Hill Porchfest last year…don’t miss it this year! Put down Sunday, September 20th  from noon to 4pm on your calendars! We have a fantastic line up of bands, sure to please any musical tastes: jazz, bluegrass, classical, country, Americana, rock and more. This is your neighborhood musical walkabout, following a worldwide movement of creating local music for the local people.

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 Below is a list of current bands that will be performing:

 Hen Scratch -Bluegrass, Blues,Country Pop

 Nate Nrivnak – Alt Rock and Soul

Beans – Blue Grass – Guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass

Trio Con Brio – Tango, Jazz

Classical Act Trio – jazz piano ensemble – 2 players

The Howling Comandos & Coyote Kate – Guitar, vocals, Tim”Mississippi” Eaton – Guitar/Vocals, David “B Man” Cook – Bass/Vocals

Basho & Friends – World Music for Kids!

Tenenbaum Classical Players – violin, viola, cello, piano – tobias and 4 young players doing classical

The PT Jazz Sextet – Jazz

Aulternate Reality Jazz Trio – Alt Grass

Con Brio Trio – Classical Covers of Classic Hits, Jazz, and Gypsy Jazz

The Deciders – 8 players – eclectic rock, keyboard, fiddle, sax, harmonica, bass, drums

Mayhem Gulch – Bluegrass and Americana

Rae Miller and Friends

Bella Betts – Bluegrass

The Honey Dew Drops – Bluegrass and Americana

Slidin’ Delta – Country Blues Duo