‘With tight harmonies and a musical ensemble that includes clawhammer banjo, mandolin, and guitars, the effect is to leaves listeners with only what matters: The heart of the song and clarity over ornamentation. After spending the better part of 2013 and 2013 living on the road, Laura and Kagery now call Baltimore MD their home and it’s where they wrote and recorded their fourth full-length album: “Tangled Country” (May 2015). The set of songs is raw and engaging with characters and images from kindred people and places. And like their stage performance, these new songs rock and reel, and then they console you when you come back down.’

This will be the acoustic harmony/folk singing duo’s (Laura Wortman on guitar and banjo and Kagery Parrish on guitar and mandolin) first year at Porchfest. See more of the Honey Dewdrops at their website.