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6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I was just looking at the line-up of performers on the various porches and getting very excited and delighted by this wondrous happening. I live in the neighborhood (Walnut and 7th) and want to post something for all the other folks who live in this building so they might be aware it is happening tomorrow. I do not have a printer so I wonder if you have this – a copy on paper of your Mapleton Hill PorchFest site – that I could get, by physically walking or biking over to your place, so that I can put it up on our community bulletin board today. Most of the folks here are seniors and don’t necessarily have internet access. my name is VJ and my phone number is 720-448-9496. I live at 700 Walnut street. I see that a few of my friends will be among the performers…this is so great…please help me inform my neighbors.
    Thanks, I hope to hear from you very soon,
    Vajra Deutsch

  2. Here is a link to some photos taken at Porchfest 2014. JPEG Downloads are free, prints are not. Did not reach all the acts (music was too good to move on!)…

  3. Kathy Gritz said:

    Just heard that I missed the 2015 Porchfest. Would like to get a heads up in time for this years….

    • Sorry we missed you in September, Kathy. We are a volunteer, shoestring operation, so we have no way of notifying individuals for the upcoming event. Best idea for you would be to periodically monitor this website, as we update it regularly regarding news for the upcoming PorchFest.
      Dom Nozzi, Chair

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