2013 PorchFest

“Thanks for the awesome 2nd annual Porchfest!!! Looking forward to next year already.”

“Congratulations on another great fest! I really enjoyed this laid back Sunday listening to good tunes in a great neighborhood.”

“Was not able to attend all, but the ones later in the afternoon were just great. It was wonderful to just be out and watch all the neighbors in the streets walking about. What a grand tradition to have started in our neighborhood . . . And, the talent was great. Thanks to the planners for this event.”

“Ditto to the planners! Nice event. There was a wonderful variety of music and the 2sets idea worked out great( I thought). We invited friends–some who came last year and some who didn’t and had a BBQ afterwards. It was enjoyed by all. Thanks again!”

“We just made a donation (loved the event). It’s a great event!”

“All in all I think it was a magical afternoon. We would certainly do it again.”

“I was not able to attend the entire day, but what I was able to find was an atmosphere so warm, and a real neighborhood commune.  I posted a photo on Facebook, and had at least three responses from friends in other communities that were intrigued about the idea and wish they had such an event.”

2012 PorchFest

“Today’s PorchFest was the perfect way to spend a lovely fall afternoon strolling the neighborhood! Thanks to the committee! Look forward to it next year.”

“I think the First Annual Mapleton Hill PorchFest was a huge success.”

“I’ve always said that if musicians and music lovers could run this world, we’d have peace, joy and laughter at the top of every agenda. So glad we can do [PorchFest] again next year.  At least we’re doing what we can in our corner.”

“What a wonderful dream come true of a walkable event in Boulder that all people in the neighborhood can enjoy!! …[This] idea created a lot of fun and happiness for all that attended.”

“Organizers – this was a GREAT event. People of all ages, music of all types and smiles all around. Thanks!”

“Yesterday was yet another reason I felt so lucky to live on Mapleton Hill. The music was exhilarating and the atmosphere was serene! Thank you, organizers, for your hard work.”

“Thank you for the Porchfest! It was a great time. I live on Mapleton and it was wonderful to see the neighborhood come alive in such a different way. Usually folks are moving thru here at a clip, walking, running, hiking, etc. It was nice to have folks just strolling, stopping to talk to each other and enjoy the day, the music and the neighborliness. Also appreciated the acoustic music. Made us come up close and personal to listen! Please thank all the musicians and support folks who helped to make this happen!”

“…congratulations to … the committee on the success of yesterday’s event, and thanks for all of your work in bringing it together.  Myself, my family and neighborhood friends had a great time.”

“What a wonderful day!”

“Wonderful day! Such great talent and fun people, having fun everywhere – even taking over the median.”

“An amazing day/turnout!  We are so fortunate to live in this wonderful neighborhood with such creative people.”

“What an event!!!!  Thank you Porchfest Committee for the wonderful gift!”

“What a GREAT day!”

“What an amazing day… I loved the smiles, the amazing porches, the wonderful music, and the animated and warm streetlife where the neighborhood was shining. Thank you all!”

“A great time was had by all – I loved every minute of the fest, as did my friends, my daughter and my grandson. The musicians on my porch were glowing when they packed up, and my two little renters made a bundle (to them) at their lemonade and apple-pie stand. Bravo to the folks who made it happen. Next year, even bigger!”

“Thanks All! What fun! I will offer assistance in keeping this going and making it ‘tradition.'”

“It was a spectacular day. Great job to the organizers for an outstanding event. I overheard several people talking about bringing the idea to their neighborhoods. I too am looking forward to next year.”

“Thanks for all those who gave us such a wonderful afternoon.”

“We also enjoyed it and I would like to thank all the organizers and musicians.”

“Thanks for organizing the Porchfest – a wonderful time on a perfect day!”


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