Mapleton Hill PorchFest Map of Performance Porches, Bands, Schedule!

Special guest: Jake Schepps 3

Jake is NOT on our map/schedule. He will be performing in Set 2 (2:30 to 4:00) at 527 Maxwell.

PF 2015 map schedule final


Mapleton Hill PorchFest 2015 Band List!

We are so proud to announce that there are a total of 24 incredible musical acts this year performing at Mapleton Hill’s PorchFest.  It looks like it is going to be day filled with family, friends, community and great music!

We are hard at work getting our map ready for the event.  Meanwhile check out the list of our bands and performance times.  Make sure to like us on FaceBook, Mapleton Hill PorchFest, where you can find out the latest updates on the event.

Want to know more about the Bands or check out their music?  Find links to their websites under Musical Acts 2015.

Performing from 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Con Brio Trio
Tenenbaum Classical
Slidin’ Delta
Bella Betts
Mayhem Gluch
Jacqueline Rock
Nate Hrivnak
Dwarf Planets
Classical Act
The Honey Dewdrops

Performing from 2:30pm – 4:00pm

DeWitt Family Band & Friends
PT Jazz
Black Fox
Sunshine Canyon String Band
Aulternate Reality Jazz
The Faux Commandos featuring Coyote Kate
Basho & Friends
Three-Legged Dog
Rae Miller & Friends

Special guest: Jake Schepps 3


Although you may know them as Beans, the Haystacks have been playing at Porchfest for three years. They are a 6-member old time/bluegrass group, and their band is what they describe as “Just friends having a good time”. In the band is Charlie on lead vocals and guitar, Norm on the guitar, Mo on the banjo, Jeff and Jan on fiddle and mandolin, and Will on bass. Mo, Jan and Jeff also sing back up vocals.

Three-Legged Dog

This Acoustic Americana band has 4 members: Ann Goldman (Violin, Keyboard, Vocals), Alan Zacharias (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals), Larry Bennett (Guitar), and Jeff Lyons (Percussion). This group has been at every single Porchfest yet–we can’t wait to here from them again!

Aulternate Reality Jazz

Aulternate-home1We’re very excited to have this group back for their fourth year! Their music style is a unique and interesting mix–gypsy jazz, swing, jazz standards, and bossa nova. In their band is Dan Ault (Violin, Mandolin, Vocals), Jim Woodson (Electric Guitar), Darren Wagner (Bass), and they have a rotating list of drummers as well. Be sure to see their website!

Sunshine Canyon String Band

You’ve probably seen Sunshine Canyon at Porchfest before, since tmqdefaulthis will be their third year performing for us. This Jam/Grass band consists of 6 members: Clark Smyth (Guitar), Dave Compton (Vocals/Harmonica), Chris Dropinski (Vocals/Percussion), Bob Backlund (Resonating Guitar), Tom Woodruff (Banjo), and Todd Ball (Bass/Percussion).


Jazzebel–A group playing a combination of classic jazz and blues. They play jazz standards as well as original material written in a 30’s and 40’s music style. This willk be the duo’s–Jennifer Davis as vocals and Janet Streater on piano–first year playing for us.

DeWitt Family Band & Friends

This group will bring to Porchfest a bunch of different music styles, including folk, bluegrass, New Thought Posi music, and both acoustic classic and contemporary rock.the band includes Cathy DeWitt (Guitar/Vocals), Jackson DeWitt (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals), Rob Rothschild (Drums/Percussion), and Cheryl (C.K.) Brown (Guitar/Flute/Vocals).

A little more about the group…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 1.02.18 PM“Cathy and Rob are married and live in Gainesville, Florida. They play in several bands, both individually and together. Jackson has played music all his life, and recently (about a year ago) moved from Florida to Nederland, Colorado. C.K. Brown is a New Thought-Posi musician living in Seattle who has family in Colorado.”

Here’s their website.

Basho & Friends

This band is directed towards a younger audience, their style of music being kids hip hop. They have two members–Chris Howarth (Bass/Guitar) and Bash Mosko (Vocals/Percussion).

A little statement from the band:

“We’re on a mission to connect the world one beat at a time! Kids and parents alike enjoy the catchy hooks and great beats!”

This will be their third year at Porchfest, and be sure to see their website.static1.squarespace