DeWitt Family Band & Friends

This group will bring to Porchfest a bunch of different music styles, including folk, bluegrass, New Thought Posi music, and both acoustic classic and contemporary rock.the band includes Cathy DeWitt (Guitar/Vocals), Jackson DeWitt (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals), Rob Rothschild (Drums/Percussion), and Cheryl (C.K.) Brown (Guitar/Flute/Vocals).

A little more about the group…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 1.02.18 PM“Cathy and Rob are married and live in Gainesville, Florida. They play in several bands, both individually and together. Jackson has played music all his life, and recently (about a year ago) moved from Florida to Nederland, Colorado. C.K. Brown is a New Thought-Posi musician living in Seattle who has family in Colorado.”

Here’s their website.


Basho & Friends

This band is directed towards a younger audience, their style of music being kids hip hop. They have two members–Chris Howarth (Bass/Guitar) and Bash Mosko (Vocals/Percussion).

A little statement from the band:

“We’re on a mission to connect the world one beat at a time! Kids and parents alike enjoy the catchy hooks and great beats!”

This will be their third year at Porchfest, and be sure to see their website.static1.squarespace

Drive: Colorado’s Tribute to The Cards

About the band…

“Dance all night, play all day with the Colorado’s tribute to the Cards! Featuring iconic hits and fan favorites from the Cards, the Drive tribute band let the Good Times Roll!

This will be the band’s first time attending porchfest, and if you’re into 70’s/80’s pop rock and dance music, be sure to check out this cover band! The members are Ben Fields (Vocal/Guitars), Alan Fields (Drums/Programming), and Denise Fields (Keyboard/Vocals). Here’s their website!

Dwarf Planets

This group’s name matches their music style-Rock, World, and Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.07.54 PMJam. Dwarf Planets have six members: Peter Mayer (Guitar, Vocals), John McCorvie (Guitar, Vocals), Jeff Katzman (Mandolin, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals), Eric Loew (Violin), Spencer King (Bass, Vocals), and last but not least Gregg Freeman (Drums). You can see their website here.

The Honey Dewdrops

‘With tight harmonies and a musical ensemble that includes clawhammer banjo, mandolin, and guitars, the effect is to leaves listeners with only what matters: The heart of the song and clarity over ornamentation. After spending the better part of 2013 and 2013 living on the road, Laura and Kagery now call Baltimore MD their home and it’s where they wrote and recorded their fourth full-length album: “Tangled Country” (May 2015). The set of songs is raw and engaging with characters and images from kindred people and places. And like their stage performance, these new songs rock and reel, and then they console you when you come back down.’

This will be the acoustic harmony/folk singing duo’s (Laura Wortman on guitar and banjo and Kagery Parrish on guitar and mandolin) first year at Porchfest. See more of the Honey Dewdrops at their website.

Howling Commandos & Coyote Kate

Howling Commandos & Coyote Kate are here to play for us for the 3rd time at Porchfest. Their music includes classic rock, folk, and blues. They consist of 5 members: Desiree Ravenhawk (vocals and guitar), John Pollak (keyboard), David Cook (bass), Time Eaton (guitar), and Michael Leccese (guitar).

A quote from the group:

“We are old friends who started playing music together about 10 years ago. Desiree joined the band about five years ago. We play for fun—occasionally a party, roadside Bolder Boulder, or open mikes.”

Nate Hrivnak

A little bit about this artist…

‘Indie folk-rock artist Nate Hrivnak opens up in Heartstrings & Hidden Things, a four-track compilation of songcraft and musicianship that delivers a sonic landscape both uniformly excellent and stylistically diverse. Aptly tilted, the album’s composition deals with an intrinsic desire to define the intangibles, exploring both current and forgone passions and igniting a sincere vulnerable quality consistent throughout. It’s in this space where his songs lives and breathe-his lyrics colorfully stitches, genuinely expressed, and brilliantly represented.’

This will be his second year at Porchfest, and you can see him more here!

Tenenbaum Chamber Players

Toby Tenenbaum

This group has attended every Porchfest, so this will be their fourth year. They play classical chamber music accompanied by solo string instruments. They consist of 7 members: Toby Tenebaum (piano), Cora Tenenbaum (viola), Sam Jarvis (violin and clarinet), Lucy Rissman (violin), Kai Wayman (cello), Hope Valentine (violin), and Same Dorsey (cello). The string players in Tenenbaum are all between the ages of 13 and 15. They are members of the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra and the Boulder High and Fairview Orchestras. See more of them at their website.

Mayhem Gulch

A brief blurb on the band–

‘In a world of mayhem, Mayhem Gulch shines like a whiskey-fueled campfire jam on a crisp summer evening in the Rocky Mountains. Based out of Boulder, CO, the group weaves catchy songwriting with strong picking into a fresh tapestry of Bluegrass and Americana music. As likely to take you on a journey through life’s gulches as they are to soar above its majestic peaks, Mayhem Gulch is sure to get your foot tapping, you hips shaking, and your soul soaring!’

This bluegrass group has Chelsea Chason on bass, Chris Newton on banjo, Justin Konrad on dobro, Dave Willis on the mandolin, and Sean Davis on guitar. This is Mayhem Gulch‘s second year attending Porchfest